Dhoni’s Diwali Night on Holi Day

What a night for Indian Cricket Fans. One can honestly say that the thrill of the match was like God is writing one of the good sports-spectacular scripts. Dhoni, as usual, was in the spotlight of this thrilling last second win and his midas touch and sane and sound thinking skills looks to work just fine. Bangladesh must be disappointed with last over devastating cricket but must proud of the positives they can take out of this game especially when they beat India in all departments in whole match except the last 2 overs of it. Shahrukh tweeted “Hearts beats got roared”, PM Narendar Modi sends his congratulation on India’s thrill win and many responded with their heart throbbing replies. So we are now relaxed and free from tension of being knocked out of the T20 world cup competition. Fewooo!!!!! Well now the question is what’s next.

We are not quite in the semi’s but we have actually created a pool of possibilities that can lead to multiple happening in our Point’s Table viz, B. So whatever those test cases be, we can be up on one thing for sure and that is India faces a do or die situation in the next game versus Australia .So are we waiting for another world cup thriller. Keeping Finger Crossed!!!!